Woven sailcloth


The best woven sailcloth is the one that resist more in keeping the sails shape.

 Better are those that don’t deform when they are under pressure.

It’s wrong to say that the woven are better when they last in time. That depends on how you treat them. All the polyester weaves last mainly the same. If the right woven fabric is used in the specific sail for the boat. The best woven are the firm ones, the best quality of polyester and the resin they get. The final product passes a test of resistance in the “Warp”, “Fill” and diagonal direction (Bias). 

The characteristics of each fiber are what the sailmaker has in mind making the specific sail for the use it has to correspond. Nearly all the woven fabrics are stronger in the “Fill” direction, That’s why it’s proper to cut the sail Horizontal with the “Warp” perpendicular to the leech. So it’s totally wrong to have a Dacron sail with an other allocation of panel layout because it will deform or twist in the wrong direction losing its shape. We choose the most firm and balanced material with the resin finish to serve your needs. Not only to capture the flow force but to the secondary forces that a sail has to behave well, like wave movement of the boat The fact is that the more Resin the cloth has the more durable it becomes. Yes, But they are difficult to handle, to store, they burn quicker with the sunlight, they break quicker, they need to be rolled and they are a little more expensive.

Let us recommend the best quality for your sails.