Spinnaker Sails

In the Yachting world, it is known that KAKITSISAILS makes the best Spinnakers and Gennakers you can get. In this page you will find all the spinnakers that you need. 

 All Purpose Full-Radial 

Spinnaker Tri Radial 

If you need a Spinnaker from 70deg. reaching to dead down-wind and for a wide range of wind force, this is the one you want. It fly’s away from the Main giving you a nice open slot. It doesn’t let your bow pin. It’s not very deep, so it gives you a nice flow when you’re reaching. It’s great for Running also because of its adduced shape.

The panel layout is Full-Radial making it very strong for a large range of wind force, keeping its designed shape. Ideal for boats that use only one spinnaker.

V.M.G. (Velocity Made Good)

Spinnaker Reacher DBL Radial 

 This is the fastest spinnaker that helps to give you the best Velocity for the best Sailing Angle.
Because of its specificity it works better in very light winds. That’s why we make it from 0.4US/oz to 0.7US/oz. It’s great for close battles between you and your fellow contestant because it’s light and shallow and it responds straight away. It has full projection area.
It’s useful for reaching also because of its shape, flying away from the Main.

Heavy D.B.L.
People think that this Spinnaker has a very shallow shape with open leeches. It’s not like that, if it was it would be  catastrophic for a Mast-Head Rig since it would make the boat start rolling. You Trim it quite low so you don’t sink you Bow and make it easier to steer. The shallow foot makes it easy to trim in all kinds of waves. It’s basically what you want even for over trim in very hard conditions.

This is the necessary kite for all sailboats that race. Since, from dinghies to offshore racers, all compete in a beat – run course. Without this Spinnaker you can’t run deep enough with maximum speed. Our Runners have maximum projected area, depending on the Rules that govern the measuring system that your boat competes in. Full size flying forward and away from the Mainsail, Having the biggest projected area high up were the stronger wind is. You (that race)  know that "down" wind courses make the difference. I know that this sail gives you the winning margin.

The Lightest Spinnaker, which flies with the lightest wind. All of you know that the apparent wind gets less as you aim for the Run. So, under eight knots of true wind what do you do if you don’t have it and your opponent does? Go closer to the wind and loose the margin? It’s a necessary sail if you race in light wind conditions often. It flies high where the wind is keeping away from the main and easy to Trim. It may have the shape of a runner or a V.M.G. depending on the sea condition

Our Reaching Spinnakers have the following characteristics:
a. They have an Ideal shape for Reaching Not more then 21% depth keeping an attached flow.
b. The Aspect Ratio is also very important. High Aspect is better for Reaching and pointing High.
c. They have open leeches and narrow entry angle. This gives a big benefit in Pointing.
d. The widest part is low keeping the boat on its feet-reducing heel.
e. Its possible using 1.5US/oz to use it as a heavy spinnaker with Barber holes.

Because of the above statements our Tri-Star Reaching Spinnakers can shoot up to 40 degrees upwind. In reaching with strong winds you can keep our reach Spin. Up in a higher wind force. 


2 Years Warranty !