Gennaker Sails

 These Gennakers are easy to use and easier to trim. They double the velocity of the Genoa on close courses up to running (from 40 deg. Till 180deg.) You may use our spinnaker sock for easier handling. They look great with nice colors that you may select from our catalogue. They give you that extra nice feeling that you want when you’re cruising with your family or your friends.

Running Gennakers
Our Gennaker-Runners are great and if you have a Bow-Sprint or a Spinnaker-Pole they will  help you go downwind faster than any other Spinnaker especially when the wind is under 8knots or over 16knots. . The Spinnaker runners are better in winds between 8 and 16 Knots when you have choppy sea condition and easier to jibe in small boats with the pole.
Most measuring systems accept Gennakers with a pole.

 It looks like we will use them quite a lot in the future. 

Gennaker Close Reacher

You trim it like a Genoa and it goes upwind like one also. We were the First sail makers to take this advantage. We made a Gennaker that had the best flow trimming it from the Genoa track and going upwind. With such a great shape it won't let your sailboat head up or broach. You can let the tiller go and your boat just keeps on going on the course you had.

These Gennakers are the sails that every boat that race can benefit from in many difficult conditions and win.

Genniker Reacher

This is a sail that is easy to use and with the perfect shape for reaching  all sea conditions. The shape is asymmetric also giving a twist on the sail automatically when you get a stronger puff. It’s a snap to trim it either you use a spinnaker pole or a Bow-Sprint. It really makes the difference when the conditions are suitable.


2 Years Warranty !