Storm Sails



The Storm sails that we make are based on the O.R.C. (Offshore Racing Council) rules.

They are very durable, with orange colored Dacron. Sails that will never let you down when you need them.

Storm Jib

The storm Jib that we make has a wire through the Luff-Tape. Whatever the adjustment to the forestay is. The weaves are perpendicular to the leech and foot. Usually we cut it C-Cut. Strong enough to respond to Gale force. The area is according to O.R.C. rule for wind force over Force 7.


The Trysail is easy to adjust at your Mast without using your Boom (for safety). The Clew may be adjusted to the Spinnaker Sheets or to the traveler. Others like to have separate sheets ready and tied to the sail in its sail bag.

Be sure that when you need them, you can depend on them.


2 Years Warranty !