Full Racing

Full Racing Wave Riders


Our investigation on the geometric shape and the aerodynamic shape of our sails in all the height and width of each sail is the main reason of Kakitsis Sails. What I mean is that we really have fun making sails. It's what we do to make boats WIN races. It's what makes our job so important to us and we hope to you too.

 It’s your “Thank you” that makes us going.

Our new line of racing sails WAVE RIDERS simply are unbeatable.

We studied these sails keeping in mind everything that we know. Experience, study, art and feeling.  The fact is that the Vortex of water  is 13 times bigger than the Vortex of Wind. This is what we had in mind designing these sails. What we really had in mind is to overcome each wave.

The geometric shape and the aerodynamic chord in all heights are the manner of these sails. When you hit a wave the sails twist and then the leech fans giving the boat a push over the wave. It’s incredible.


2 Years Warranty !