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YIANNIS KAKITSIS - The sailmaker

 Yiannis Kakitsis started sailing at 7years old in Australia back at the year 1963 where he still keeps  contact.


As an athlete in dinghies he raced many class boats: Vorien-Lightning-Finn-Star-Soling. He was ten years in the Greek National team as a Finn sailor and other two years in the Star team. He was also in the Solings. He represented the Greek team also in the J24 class European Championship in 1987 where he came 5th with his crew. He also represented the Greek team in the world’s Half Ton cup a couple of times. He continues racing in offshore regattas with different sailboats till 1978 wining lots of club racers and international regattas. 

He designed and produced the SOLUTION. A 4.60mtrs dinghy that is recognized from the Greek Sailing Federation as a class boat. He also started working as a coach for different dinghy classes since 1978. From then he has worked in many classes. He also started the first Greek J24 sailing school. After that he continued coaching in his own Offshore Sailing School in Athens. He was the Manager for two sailing magazines and he still writes different Technical columns in different sailing magazines.

He is in the sail making business since 1979. He started his own loft in 1983 in Athens near the coast of Kalamaki Marine. 

 Since then he has made lots of sails for all kinds of sailing. His sails have competed in Ocean Racing, Offshore racing and also in dinghy classes. He is the most reliable sail maker in the Charter business, since he makes the most durable sails and has the most immediate service. The companies that own sailboats in the charter business say that you can’t get better sails in those low prices unless you get KAKITSISAILS. He is mostly known for his great Spinnakers and Gennikers. 



 Manos Kakitsis, son of Yannis Kakitsis joined "Kakitsis Sails" in 2015.  

Since "Kakitsis Sails" is growing, Manos plans our future with new ideas. 

He is developing new techniques bringing the latest trends in the Sail market today!.

Manos graduated the University of East London " Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Systems"  and did his Master at University of Portsmouth in "Science in Electronic System Engineering".

 He is always helpful and kind. ready to help you. 

Sailing Experience

Manos attended the Sailing World as a child in the Optimist Class and after that  the Lightning Class, but his dream was the Offshore Sailing.  He attended a Racing Sailing School competing with an "Archabeau 50" participating in a couple of Regattas.

Now he is practising with his father Yiannis Kakitsis with their boat "X119"  to compete in the Offshore  Racing World.